From 4QFY2020, SGX will pay a dividend 8.0 cents per share per quarter. We aim to pay a sustainable and growing dividend over time, consistent with the company’s long-term growth prospects. The new policy will provide flexibility for SGX to balance its dividend payments with the need to retain earnings to support growth. Dividends will be paid on a quarterly basis and will be decided by the board.

Dividend per share (cents)


i. Dividend per share includes proposed final dividend

ii. Excludes special dividends paid in FY03 and FY05

iii. Commenced payment of one-tier tax exempt dividend from 3Q FY05

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Past Dividend Payments

Financial Year Ex-Date Record Date Payment Date Dividend per share (cents) Type
2010 12-10-10 14-10-10 26-10-10 15.75 Final
  03-05-10 05-05-10 17-05-10 3.75 Interim
  01-02-10 03-02-10 17-02-10 3.75 Interim
  02-11-09 04-11-09 17-11-09 3.75 Interim